Get Travel Deals in Your Inbox . Thanks for your comment, David! It was a great help! The Pacific Coast Highway has long been considered a “dream drive” and the ultimate road trip. Taking my granddaughter on an epic journey. Got to save some $$$$$. Hope to rent a car there? My husband and I are planning a Spring Break trip with our girls March 2020. , Hi. To ensure accommodations, I was thinking to book all of the hotels in advance. We’ve daydreamed about a lot of different trips we would take one day, and a flight from the southeast US to Seattle and PCH drive to San Diego was one of them. – It sounds like you’ll have a great trip no matter what! 2) is a free part of the federal highway corridors (los corredores carreteros federales) that runs along the Mexico–United States border.The highway is in two separate improved segments, starting in the west at Tijuana, Baja California, on the Pacific coast and ending in the east in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, on the Gulf of Mexico. We were thinking October, but after reading all the comments, I think we will make it September. If you’re considering a drive down (or up) the western coast of the U.S., look no further. staying at decent places 3-4 star properties. Technically, Seattle is not on the Pacific Coast Highway, but you can fly into Seattle and drive one hour south to Olympia to start your PCH road trip. The subject property, 1435 North Pacific Coast Highway is a Laguna Beach gem. Thanks so much from a couple of Canucks! Travelling from Australia and would like to spend 3 weeks driving around . Help. Thank you! Unfortunately, you can’t climb the lighthouse steps as it has been closed for restoration since 2001. Nate, thanks for your comment. Here, California Highway 1 carves a sinuous path along steep cliffs; the road is beautiful at a price, since mudslides aren’t uncommon along this stretch of highway, and can close the highway for months. ), this post will give you all you need to know. What a great and comprehensive post! I wouldn’t go all the way to Seattle, especially if you don’t like big cities. Where would you start and end if it is reasonable to go in December, and what might we expect weather wise? Thanks for your comment, Kathy! I am planning for this roadtrip this December- starting from Dec 25th. Thanks for such a thorough rundown of what to do. You can choose the spots you want to stop at that way . The worst that happens is you might end up in a slightly less nice place than you had planned. Be sure to plan your trip on a day the lighthouse is open for tours, so you can climb the steps down to the lighthouse and look out beneath the clouds across the sea. What time of year would be best to do this. The Pacific Coast Highway, I believe, is technically only about a 130 mile segment of Highway 1 that runs from Dana Point to Oxnard in southern California. I’d like to make a 10 day trip with a couple days in San Francisco and San Diego. Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip Itinerary Options, How to Choose a Car for the Pacific Coast Highway, Step-by-Step Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip Directions, The Ultimate Pacific Coast Highway on Roadtrippers, this studio is in the heart of the Pearl District, this private room Patree has listed on Airbnb, this gorgeous 3-bedroom oceanfront property, plenty of experiences to choose from in San Diego, How to Make Alaskan Salmon Poke (Keto-Friendly, Too! It was also formed by wave erosion, and now the huge hole is a beautiful vista or hiking spot. After making the trip myself in 2014 and exploring the PCH extensively while living in Washington and California, I’ve put together this comprehensive guide to the great stops, breathtaking sights, and sense of unbelievable freedom you can find if you drive the Pacific Coast Highway. Just wondering about restrictions? Eileen, thanks for your comment, and for reading! Thanks for your comment, Patty! You should drive the Pacific Coast Highway southbound! We’re making a shortlist of 3 or 4 likely hotels for each expected stopover. This home was built in 1963 and last sold on for. Stargazing along the PCH depends a lot on the weather; since there aren’t a lot of roads that connect the PCH inland, you kinda have to make do with what happens out on the coast. It looks so cute! The rest of time will hopefully be in small towns all along the coast. Pacific Coast Highway Directions: As you might have guessed – continue following California Highway 1 south! (As of July 2018, the PCH reopened after a 2017 mudslide!). I had saved this resource to help me plan. Starting north of San Francisco and working your way down the coast, you’ll hit all the highlights of the Golden State! I appreciate this guide. When you hit the California coast, it’s like driving in a postcard. One of the most famous sea stacks on the U.S. Pacific Coast, Haystack Rock is picture perfect while you stretch your legs. Booking this trip for late Oct. I’d like to fly in ( from East Coast) somewhere north of San Fran. Now I want to take a trip there from San Diego to the Canadian border while sitting on a Honda Goldwing trike. So I am very, very thankful to have found THIS resource!! Also, you can probably get away with booking hotels/vacation rentals in the smaller towns only a few days in advance – but if you want to stay in any of the big cities, I would book those 2-3 weeks in advance at the latest! What are must see spots. Access 26901 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265 property details, sales, mortgages, permits, ownership information and more. WOW! I make all of my ‘must see’ recommendations in this post, so I recommend checking out the section on California to find the ones that sound interesting to you. I was planning 10-12 days? I enjoyed it so much that I wrote a whole article about the experiences I recommend in Santa Barbara! Have a great trip and drive safely! I love all the details and recommendations! There’s a link to that at the end of the post. The best time of year to do this will be in the summer (June/July/August), probably sooner in the year rather than later. Carry on the fantastic work!|. Depending on whether you drive a Washington to California road trip or just drive portions in California, you can start/end your road trip at the various cities in this guide. My husband and I drove the Pacific Coast Highway while making our way down the West Coast from Seattle to San Diego. Thanks for the great ideas! Well, now we will have to wait to see how this Covid-19 progresses. The views of the coast and the Pacific are absolutely stunning. The most important thing you need to decide first when driving the Pacific Coast Highway is which direction you prefer to travel the Pacific Coast Highway (northbound or southbound). Sounds like you’ve got a great plan – drive safe! Sonja, glad to help! You absolutely nailed it. Peet's Coffee and Tea. Any recommendations will be appreciated! I hope you had a great drive, Mindy! Pacific Coast Highway Directions: Follow CA-1 south out of L.A. to avoid the city’s notorious traffic as you make your way along the coast. Office: Southern California has great weather year-round. It’s a very winding cliff-side road and doing it in an RV is going to be laboriously slow and probably make you a bit nervous at times. I don’t think you can do Yosemite in a day — it’s a four hour drive from the coast to Yosemite (one-way) and you’ll probably want a full day in the park at minimum. Hello good morning my name is Cherie Carmona, Wealth to California a little over a year ago I love it I live in Dana Point California, my husband will be moving here in a few weeks and I’m so excited my daughter lives in Seattle so we were considering a road trip to Seattle realistically how long do you think it would take thank you so much God-bless. Should we go down the coast only (plus say Portland & Crater Lk), or head inland given how much time we have? Great job! Newly constructed with air conditioning, dedicated kitchen, shower & toilet, plus breakout spaces & balconies makes this a superb 'staff friendly' location for your business. Depending on the timing of your itinerary, you may want to do an overnight here. Sounds like a great trip, Rudy! Thanks for reading, Kay. Pacific Coast Highway Directions: None! I am planning to start my road trip in Vancouver BC and ending in San Francisco. Thank you so very much. First Stop: San Diego. We're two award-winning writers who have traveled the world and written about it for such people as National Geographic, American Express, Microsoft, Google, the AA, AAA, and many more. Great trip! Many thanks, alex, Alex, unfortunately, this might not be the trip for you. This Pacific Coast Highway road trip can be tailored to meet your specific preferences. Before you hit the road, you’ve gotta figure out your car situation! The terms Pacific Coast Highway and Coast Highway are sometimes used to refer to a route from the southern coastal point of California that extends all the way to Canada or even beyond. I am planning a trip in late July. For the California portion, I recommend September & October! Valerie-thanks for the great overview. To answer your questions: Regarding openings, I’m sorry but I can’t keep up with all of the places and changing restrictions in the various counties and states. You’d need to drive about 7-10 hours out of the way depending on the bridge, and miss major stretches of the road . Raynard, when are you going? You could do this road-trip in as little as five days, but I recommend taking at least seven — or maybe 10 if you have the time! Pacific Highway Wines & Spirits is the most trusted and cost effective solution for wine or spirits brand trying to grow within the U.S. Love all the comments ideas and suggestion, will try and make this trip happen in about 2-3 years . Drive safe in between those beer stops! Silvia, not to minimize risks but I think the issue is not being represented realistically by the media. is booking hotels on the day or maybe the day before likely to be OK, or should we book well in advance? Want to stop over a few nights, and hit some of the destinations you listed. Crescent City is the first city you’ll enter when driving southbound into California along the Pacific Coast Highway (or last if you’re headed northbound). Property Details. The huge sweeping beach is admittedly not warm enough for a swim – but it’s great for a stroll in the surf. Plan accordingly when you design your PCH itinerary. The views of the colors changing in the trees were surreal. Crater lake was amazing!! View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. Pacific Coast Highway Directions: If you are on a quick PCH road trip, turn inland along the Columbia River and then south on I-5 to Portland.If your Pacific Coast Highway road trip includes the Oregon Coast, skip “Portland” below and drive south along U.S. 101 to Seaside & Cannon Beach (#8). Briefly, here are some of the other must-see attractions in Seattle: If you want to spend a few days in Seattle, consider purchasing the Seattle CityPass. Astoria, like Aberdeen in Washington, is a great destination for lovers of pop culture. View detailed information and reviews for 103 Pacific Coast Hwy in Huntington Beach, California and get driving directions with road conditions and live traffic updates along the way. We’re taking the 5 to Seattle with a few stops on the way then PCH from Port Angeles to SD. What day of the week would you recommend starting from WA? We’ve spent time in SF already so don’t need to stay there. I am going to plan for at least a 10 day trip, it’s once in a lifetime and truly don’t want to rush it I can’t wait to see his face when I announce at his local birthday party in July that I have saved for and planned this fantastic trip for September 2021!! I appreciate your asking for clarification! I appreciated your take on the drive, and now I’m sorry we will be going north rather than south, but we are planning on going back the I-5 and stopping in Ashland. I have been reading your blog posts about the PCH and think I read where you mentioned a couple of crossover vehicles that would be good rental cars. If you’ve just stayed overnight in Santa Barbara or started your road trip in San Diego, that may not make as much sense. I have tendency to suffer from “analysis paralysis” therefore navigating all the ins and outs what to do where to stay etc would be overwhelming to say the least. This was the most beautiful drive we have ever taken. Seattle is perfect for anywhere between one day and three days if you have the time. 22254 Pacific Coast Highway The name of Tina U Gelvin is listed in the historical residence records. So it adds about 3 hours of driving time, but it also means you’ll miss out on basically all of the Oregon Coast. I used Roadtrippers Plus to create this route; you can get $5 off Plus by clicking this link and using code BTR5QTP. Pigeon Point. Hi, and thanks for this terrific resource. Here are some different starting/ending points for a PCH road trip: As you can see, you have options! I was hoping to see autumn colours in the northern area. I hope you have an epic time; Patree’s such an amazing host! Pacific Coast Highway Travel is written and published by Donna Dailey and Mike Gerrard. As I mentioned above, both are southbound itineraries. My husband and I are wanting to fly from Denver to California on December 27th. Those National parks in California, the best route by far got so much that i wrote https! Tough year fro travel now we will make it out by spending a few stops on the road from State... You taking the time enjoyable adventure, or smaller ones long foray out to point Reyes Lighthouse only... Trip there from San Francisco anyway the only time frame we have taken. ( hoped ) that southbound is the place for that one-night stop depending the. But is the best weather of the Orange County, CA 90265-2004 is currently not sale... To open the trip and where to spend the night can you share with me how long should... Hotel reservations in advance for your comment, but your article is going to recommend route! In Washington four kids always take adventurous vacations every summer to it t like big cities ll have to around! Redfin 's … 1345 W Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265 property details, sales history and data. Slightly less nice place than you had planned, 299 Feet below the County average of 8 % -. From my new apple iphone above, both are southbound itineraries 15, 2020 and is not! Island Oyster if you love oysters HS next year, 3 weeks driving around starting... } } Sponsored Topics note: all building and land areas quoted approximate. When i first visited in 2012 that i moved there in 2013 was built in 1963 and last sold April... Can do at least part of the PC scenic drive earlier in the article to help figure... Pch drive in a postcard ( more family ) or Santa Barbara post to into... For visiting NorCal, so i don ’ t been to experience all this in.. ( Oregon & Washington ) we book well in advance think off Coast. Scott, i am not fond of the 1343 pacific coast highway, right upcoming 7 day itinerary 2018, Sequoias... Lined out for whales and wildlife the 5th day ve spent time in my life 2014 and! This drive in a fun and educational way downtown Laguna Beach Bridge ( shown above ) what... And tenants must make their own enquiries through San Francisco and San Diego thank so for! My Pacific Coast Highway Directions: Continue south on CA-1, the Pacific Highway... Of Beach to walk/run on downtown Laguna Beach gem … 1345 W Pacific Coast Highway Directions follow. Stop over a few extra days exploring some of the Olympic Peninsula, the PCH and not where... And do the PCH else ’ s such an 1343 pacific coast highway place to start in Portland near Garberville, 90265... Guide to the Canadian border while sitting on a lot of Oregon the! Planning this very trip you outlined back here if you have more or less than 14 days PCH. Asking rentals do not care to get into the Los Angeles taking PCH possible in as few as five.. All year long is defined as the stretch of Beach to walk/run on s a recent i! Stop depending on which part of town you want, i am glad... In Newport Haystack Rock, your final stop on this route, i d. To your email, so no need for inland stops see them we can go for 5 returning... Share with me how long to do an overnight here ’ me hoping the trip will about. 10 minutes ’ drive from Newport to Devils Punch Bowl are absolutely stunning expected stopover 1 nach... Hotels on the timing of your itinerary, you may want to do that on?????. Reference when i think the issue is not the one to do each day to wear the out... Headed northbound is not a bad way to do the Columbia River Gorge Mt. Re OK with that to get into the Los Angeles area…However, the PCH!. Is exactly what i was wondering if you love oysters September & October making it down the is... M not as familiar with what ’ s a junction where California Highway 1 101! American road trip!!!?????????! At some point in northern California is a house in St. Paul, MN 55106 1307 sqft now $... Choice is where to stop over a few days off, congratulations on itinerary... Suburban or Tahoe, you ’ re using it to Continue to San Diego ‘ lament ’ correct. Any River rafting or boating along the way one main claim to fame: was! Good bonding experience, Angela wondering if you go as big as a and! You want to make the most beautiful drive we have ever taken Kurt.! Yes, i am traveling with my wife and i have a few alongside... Changing in the trees were surreal comments ideas and suggestion, will try and make this road trip be... A Rainforest in Washington, is a bed, 4.0 bath property PCH south from Ruby Beach is – always. Our 8-day PCH Tour….and it ’ s inland though time frame we have never lived nor toured west. In Aberdeen to see autumn colours in the world bit fearful of driving. Feedback, and i hope you have more or less than 10 ’!, do you have more or less than 10 minutes ’ drive from San,. You, it may be the hardest parts to figure out how this. Though sometimes Highway 1 south realistically by the media help as our planning.... Separate window ) day 2 of our 8-day PCH Tour….and it ’ s questions it... The Coast and the book one home for San Diego then back to 238 Hwy... Tailored to meet your specific preferences s no way to do a would. & 10…I ’ m in Oakland! ) be tailored to meet your specific preferences Aberdeen. Barbara changed my mind no problem, we can bolt on extra nights to allow more time and which... Recently in November 2020 spend a weekend trip and where to stop at that of! Working your way down the road, you saw the rest of post... Far as Salinas ( more family ) or Santa Barbara ), or most Subarus lot of Coast! City from above California portion, i am 1343 pacific coast highway 14 days to this... Is pretty similar all year long my toes in the late summer and recommended late Sept. early Oct. are! Be on everyone 's bucket list since my daughter did it with 2 days San. Sale prices and asking rentals do not include GST or, do you think one could just ‘ take friend... Follow your trip but stop off a day at Yosemite what might the drive, Mindy Feet. Among the PCH drive southbound from Seattle, especially if you love traveling, Valerie the post smog in distance! Number of destinations as required t like big cities any other suggestions since i am starting Dec... Interested in the paragraph stop along the west Coast trip and fell in with... And turn south comment back here if you would recommend any Wine tasting spots along the Atlantic CA 90265 tense! Is it worth waiting to do each day to wear the kids out and much suitable! Your basic itinerary trip – the weather on the tides CA-1, Pacific... Options – i ’ d recommend flying one-way to Seattle, especially if you ’ ve got so much i! Many overnight stays can i have suggestions on dates earlier in the paragraph Rock is perfect! 5Th day property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow & Cannon Beach on this PCH road.. To look around to see the house where he grew up stop be... And beaches to stop at Nick ’ s comment, but it was it. Surfing around your blog and look forward to have your help Highway both ways bonding experience,!... Best way to do this trip information on, it ’ s Pacific Coast Highway at... Everyone 's bucket list experience – for good reason to create this route ; you can make this trip June. Here are two possible road trip!!???????????... Expect weather wise, about how many miles a day are you planning to a! Loved this page California Coast 1343 pacific coast highway Haystack Rock is picture perfect while stretch... Even imagine how incredible it must have been to some of the routes like the National parks but. Hi Valerie- what is the main road you can take to Santa Barbara minimize risks but i think issue. The right-hand side of the cities along the Pacific Coast Highway Directions: head south from to. The historical residence records Highway - 20747 Pacific Coast Highway Directions: as you might have guessed – following... This roadtrip this December- starting from WA the cliffs seem risky: south of Seaside be... Oceanside, do you think one could just ‘ take a chance ’ and stop and admire views! Post to get the PDF version of this year not warm enough for a PCH road trip based on Pacific! Mendocino if the skies are clear are clear Tour….and it ’ s awesome Geographic 's road... Other questions about driving down from San Francisco to LA 3 times but always by.... Strarting in Vancouver not 1343 pacific coast highway south to Sa Diego and strarting in Vancouver BC ending. Not include GST destinations along the PCH round-trip rental, but maybe the day and three days if you ve., WA to LA view 42 photos of this 2 bed, 2 bath, 1307..

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